How to Make Frosted Pixels in Photoshop

Creating a frosted pixels Photoshop effect is a great way to improve your picture. You should be able to accomplish this task fairly simply with some spare time and a picture or two that you don't mind being damaged by your actions (while you learn to manage the frosted pixels Photoshop effect).

Step 1: Download Your Image

You will need to select an image which you wish to use, and download it to your computer. Put it into a suitable place so that you know where it is when you come to use it. Once the picture has downloaded, remove the device which it was originally taken on, and then open up Adobe Photoshop. You should then click the top left hand side of the page, on the tab marked File, which will then open up, and reveal another box known as New Image. You will then be shown all of the images on your computer, from which you can extract the image that you wish to use. Click OK, and then the image should be placed in your Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2: Prepare the Image

You will now want to get the image ready for the pixels photoshop effect. Firstly, add another layer to the image by right clicking your mouse, and then accepting the duplicate option from the menu. You may also be allowed to alter the size of the image.

Step 3: Add Some Frosting

You will now be able to go on to change the image. To do this, you will need to go into the Filter tab across the top of the screen. Go into the drop down box, and click Distort. You will then see another drop down box, and then you will be able to click on Glass. This box will then fit around the image, so that you can adjust the amount of distortion and the smoothness of the image. You will be able to get the best from your screen by trying this several times, until you have the most suitable frosting that you would like to have.

Step 4: Finish

Once you have adjusted the frosted option and have the right image, you will need to press the Merge option, which will combine the top layer with the bottom. You will have to make as close a match as possible in order to prevent any mismatch of the lines. When you are finished, press save, and repeat with another image.

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