How To Make Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro for DVD Studio Pro

Chapter markers are a great way of controlling your work when you come to place it upon a DVD. Using chapter markers allows you to move forwards or backwards through the film quickly, and can help you locate particular scenes easily, without having to start watching the whole DVD again. Chapter markers are often used by those making home movies, or adding finishing touches, using a computer software program such as Final Cut Pro. They can be used by anyone with the right sort of video software on their computer. If you are unsure how to use chapter markers in Final Cut Pro, then you should be able to manage to complete your program by inserting the markers.

Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Final Cut Pro Software
  • Movie or film
  • DVD

Step 1: Complete the Edit

Before you can start using the chapter markers in your video, make sure that you have completely finished editing the piece. This is essential, as once the chapter markers are in, anything that you do to the video will affect the position and placement of your video. It is a good idea to check through your film once or twice before considering where the markers should go. Look for small things that you have missed, which you will probably want to change. Once this final editing is completed, you should be ready to begin using chapter markers.

Step 2: Open Final Cut Pro

If you have not already opened your film in Final Cut Pro, you will have to do this next. Open up the software, and then look through the Edit screen to find the correct film. Click on this, and it should appear in the Final Cut screen. Move your playhead to the first location for your chapter marker. Choose a spot which will be significant to you. Since this edit will be ued for DVD studio Pro, you should also take care not to place a chapter marker at the very beginning of the film, as one will be added here by the DVD program. You should also avoid placing one within 30 seconds or less of the end.

Step 3: Add the Marker

When you have your playhead set up in the right location, use the M key on your keyboard. Pressing it twice will cause a green icon to appear along the edge of your timeline, and will also allow you to open up the Edit Marker box. This box will be called Marker 1 to begin with, but you can easily change this. Once you have given this marker a name, click on the button marked Add Chapter Marker. This will make your green marker into a chapter marker.

Step 4: Add More Markers

Once you have added this first marker, you can carry on adding chapter markers to your film. You will need to leave 15 frames between one marker and the next, otherwise the software will not recognize one of the markers. Press the save button on your computer, and when the dialog box appears, click on the Include Markers Button. Then, choose DVD Studio Pro Markers.

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