How to Make a WebCam Video

To record a Webcam video, a webcam and video recording software are necessary. But, there is more to creating a webcam video than just setting up the webcam and recording. Videos need to have sound, and they need to be uploaded to video sharing sites as well.

Step 1: Picking the Right Software Program

For a webcam video to be effective, it needs to look good, and the recording software has to pick up what the person is saying as well. So, standard recording software like Windows Movie Maker generally will not do the trick. Since these recording software programs are geared towards capturing clips from camcorders and the like, they will not be able to pick up the intricacies of a webcam.

It would be better to use a program that is specifically used for recording a section of the screen. One such program is Windows Live, which comes standard with most Windows programs, or it can be downloaded for free. This is Windows video chat software, and the program is geared towards only picking up a section of the screen.

Another option is liteCam, but it requires a fee. If, however, someone wishes to create professional-looking webcam videos, this may be the choice.

Step 2: Setting up the Webcam

Once the software program has been selected, it is time to start recording the webcam video. To set up the webcam, turn on the machine that will be used for this, i.e. laptop, PC or Mac. Next, plug in the webcam into the USB port located on the bottom section on the back of the computer. Connect webcam either to the monitor, or place it somewhere where it will pick up the subject’s face and upper torso.

If the video needs to capture more than just the upper half of the body, the subjects will have to be farther away from the computer.

Step 3: Adjust the Audio

Go into the audio settings for the computer, and turn up the levels to the highest levels. Make sure that the mute checkbox is not selected. If it is, uncheck it. Do a test video to make sure that the audio is working properly.

Step 4: Capture the Webcam Video

Once everything is set up, open up the recording software, and then select the Capture from Video Device option. A video capture wizard or window should open up.

To ensure that the microphone input level bar is active, talk for a few seconds. This bar should go up and down. If it does not move, double-check the audio settings to ensure that the mute button is turned off.

The next few steps will vary by program, but generally users will have to hit Next a few times, and then input a name for their video. The default video settings should be accepted unless the person wants to manipulate them further.

A window should appear, and this should show what the camera will capture. If it is correct, click the "Start Capture" button. If not, make adjustments, and then start capturing the video.

When done, click "Stop Capture and Finish." Then, the video can be edited or uploaded to sites like YouTube.