How to Make a Professional Title in Premiere

If you need to make a professional title for your video, then you can use Adobe Premiere to do this, rather than relying upon Photoshop. One way of getting this done is to import professional titles from Photoshop into Adobe premiere, which will then adapt the picture to your film. However, you can also create different types of professional title using the Title Screen tabs, and these will look just as effective. If you are unsure how to begin making professional title frames in Adobe Premiere, then you can manage to perform this task by following a few simple guidelines.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Computer
  • Media Files

Step 1: Load up a Title Template

Begin to create your professional title by opening up the tile template page. The tile menu is located at the top of the Adobe Premiere working screen. Open up the dialogue box, and click New Title. You will be offered a range of options, among which you should select Based on Template. This will give you a solid ground on which to build your professional template. You can also click on the pointing triangle next to the names of the templates to give you a wider option. Select the template that you would like, and click Accept. There are a range of different templates available to the user, depending upon the type of Adobe Premiere software that you own.

Step 2: Import the File

Select the button which says "Import File as Template" from the menu, and then you will be able to choose the file that you want the template to go into. If you have a media file which the titles are being created for, then this is the time to open this up. Choose the file you want the title to go with, and select Open. You will need to create a new name to save the title with, so make sure this is as memorable as the rest of the title, and then click OK to save.

Step 3: Create the Title

Once you have the title open, you can work with it as with any other part of the film, changing the appearance and color, and even giving it certain kinds of animation. Adapting templates is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of creating a film, as it gives you the opportunity to adapt the title in any way you choose. Place the title into the Power panel to allow yourself to make these changes, and then use the tile creation buttons to alter the look and appearance of your titles. You may also use the Effects buttons to create a fire effect, to swarm your title onto the page, or use other kinds of special effects. Once you have completed your title changes, be sure to save it again so that you can use it in your media files in the future.

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