How to Make a Photographic Flash Banner

A Flash banner is an attractive type of animated banner which can be included on websites. These banners are often quite difficult to make. With a few simple tricks, though, you can make these banners with ease. All of these banners are animated and this is a fantastic way of displaying lots of different photos.

Step 1: Getting Flash

You first need to have Adobe Flash in order to make your own Flash animations and banners. Flash is an expensive piece of software, but there is a free trial available which can be downloaded from the website. The free trial can be used for a limited amount of time to create banners.

Step 2: Creating a New Project

Now you need to create a new Flash project so that you can make your flash banner. When doing this, you will need to enter the frame rate.

Step 3: Importing Photos

When you have a blank project, you will then need to import all of your photos. To do this, click on File, Import Library. You can repeat this as many times to add more than one photo.

Step 4: Designing Your Banner

Once the photos have been imported, you then need to design the banner. Drag the photo from the library onto the canvas. Then, you should press F8 to convert it into a symbol.

Step 5: Transitions

If you are using more than one photo in your Flash banner, then you are able to choose transitions. To do this, create a new layer, drag the next photo onto the stage, and then select the different transition animations.

Step 6: Saving the File

When you have finished preparing your banner, you should then save the entire project. It can also be published and uploaded to your website.