How to Make a Photo Appear to Be Inside a Glass Globe with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro gives you many simple options to add effects and images to all of your photos, including a glass globe effect. This can take any photo you have and make it appear as if it is in a glass globe. This process can be completed in a few simple steps using Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1: Select Your Photo

Find an existing photo that you want to apply the glass globe effect to. This effect can be applied to any photo that you want but for the best results use a photo that has a centered image. If the photo has multiple subjects spread out across the length of the photo the results may not be ideal with the bending artistic effect the glass globe provides.

Step 2: Apply the Effect

Go to the menu across the top of the screen and click on "Effects." Click on "Geometric Effect" and then select the "Spherize" option. Another window will appear asking for the Strength and Shape. For strength set the number to 100 and for shape select the circle option. This will set up the circle that you need for your glass globe effect.

Step 3: Apply the Filter

After you have created the circle you need in your photo, you will need to add the "Balls and Bubbles" effect. Under "Effects" select "Artistic Effects" and then choose "Balls and Bubbles." This will bring up another window with many different options and variations to select from.

Step 4: Adjust Your Filters

The "Balls and Bubbles" filter has many additional details to select for your image. From the "Shape" folder select "Single ball or bubble" and click in the box to add a checkmark next to "Maximum possible size."

In the "Surface" folder you have 3 options to scale from 1 to 100. For Opacity set the number to 20. For the second option, Shininess set the number to 50. For the last option Gloss set the number scale to 20. These settings will give the image the best effect of a glass ball.
You can leave the "Maps" folder settings as they are by default.

In the "Illumination" folder you have different settings to choose from with "individual light properties." Leave the "Ambience Maximum" settings as they default to 100. Under "Lights" you have three different options (Light 1 to 3) and you want to select "Light 3." The Position image will display the different lighting effects from each of the three choices. Put a check in the box next to "Back Light" and if it is not set already, set the "Highlight size" to 20.

That is the last step in the process and afterwards you should have an image altered as if it were in a glass globe. These settings are just one example of how you can alter the look of your photo. For different results try adjusting the numbers and options to see different results.

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