How to Import Photos from iPhoto to Flickr

iPhoto is a software program designed to help users easily organize, edit and share their photos. It is available only to Mac users and comes as standard software when you're buying a new computer. Importing your photos from iPhoto onto Flickr is as easy as pushing a button.

Import Your Photos into iPhoto

To import your existing photos, simply drag them into iPhoto or you can choose the import option from the file menu. To import photos directly from your camera, just open iPhoto and then connect your digital camera to your computer.


iPhoto will automatically organize your photos in to 'Events' based on the date they were taken. The program is also equipped with facial recognition technology so if you tag a person once, the program will search through your other photos for that person's face so you can easily tag them. All you need to do is confirm that the tag is correct. Once a person is tagged, you can organize your photos by 'Faces'.

You can also create albums out of your favorite photos. Choose 'new album' from the file menu or hit command + 'N'. After you name your new album, you just have to drag the photos you want into it.

Edit Your Photos

Before you post your pictures on Flickr, you might want to take advantage of some of the easy to use photo editing features in iPhoto. You can quickly remove red eyes, tilt an image, crop out unwanted edges, and automatically balance your color temperatures and exposures. You can also get very precise control of your colors, brightness and contrasts by entering them manually

Have a Flickr Account

Flickr, owned by yahoo, is one of the largest social media websites. It specializes specifically in photo sharing. Signing up for an account is simple and free. If you have a yahoo account, then you already have a Flickr account. If not, then you have to sign up for a free yahoo account which only takes a few minutes.

Upload to Flickr

Once you have put the photos you want to upload in an album and have edited them, it's time to upload to Flickr and share your work with the world. Select the album you wish to upload. Once it's highlighted, click on the 'Flickr' button on the bottom right of the screen. Confirm that you wish to upload these photos, and you will then enter your user name and password. After you hit 'enter,' the upload will begin.


Open your Internet browser and log into your Flickr account to confirm that the upload was successful. It's that simple.

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