How to Import from iPhoto to iMovie

iPhoto and iMovie both come as standard software when you buy a Mac. All the photos in your iPhoto library can be used in iMovie. By default, a still image appears on screen for 5 seconds.

Finding the Photo

To add a still image in your iMovie project from iPhoto you must click on the 'camera button' in the media browser. You can now navigate through all your iPhoto photos the same way you do in iPhoto. Photos are organized based on 'event', 'faces', 'last upload', 'last twelve months', etc. 

If you want to find a specific photo, then type the file's name or keywords into the search field. Keywords are case sensitive.

Transferring the Photo

Once you have found the still image you want, just drag it into your project to add it to your movie. You can drag the photo over a video clip to use it as a cut away.

To change the duration of the photo, double click it, and enter the new running time that you want in the inspector. If you want all the photos to run that length select the "Applies to all stills" option. Hit the return key when you have made your changes.

Once a photo is in iMovie, you can crop it or add the Ken Burns effect to add a little movement.

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