How to Fix a Blemish with the Paint Shop Pro Blemish Fixer

A blemish fix can easily be done with your Paint Shop Pro blemish fixer. Photo editing usually requires fixing several minute details. If you are not familiar with the tools, then this process could take much longer than necessary. You will be shown below how to become acquainted with the cloning tool that will help you get rid of any type of minor skin flaw throughout your picture. Whether it be a blemish, freckle or red mark you will easily be able to get rid of it with the help of the cloning tool.

Step 1 - Understanding the Cloning Tool

The cloning tool simply takes the smooth skin tone areas and clones it onto the areas that have the blemishes. It will also blend these areas in so they will appear to be completely seamless to anyone looking at the picture.

Step 2 - Zoom in

You are going to be required to zoom in to the area that you wish to fix. If there are several different areas you need to fix, then you will be better off starting with the more major areas in the picture.

Step 3 - Toolbar

Once you have zoomed in you will then need to go to the toolbar and choose the 'makeover' icon. Once you have chosen the 'makeover' icon the makeover toolbar will take the place of the main toolbar. In that toolbar you will simply choose 'blemish remover'.

Step 4 - Adjustments

You will need to make adjustments to both the strength as well as the size for the blemish that you want to get rid of. Keep in mind that the size of the inside location of the lesser circle is going to be changed by the tones that are in between the two of the circles.

How strong you want the tool to be used will have to do with how much you want the blemish to be hidden. The higher the strength, the more erased the skin flaw will be.

Step 5 - Blemish Remover

You will need to place the blemish remover over the blemish that needs to be fixed and then click on your mouse. You will need to do that for each skin blemish that needs to be fixed in the picture. Keep in mind your adjustments in between each blemish as they may need to be adjusted. Depending on the shape and the size of the blemish you may have to move the blemish remover tool more than once to get rid of a single skin flaw.

Step 6 - Other Uses

The blemish remover can be used on flaws not on the skin. You can use them for digital camera flaws as well. If there is a dust particle in the picture you can remove it with this tool. Even with stains on clothing or furniture you can remove this with the blemish remover tool. You will basically cover the same steps as above for any other flaw or blemish in your entire picture.

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