How to Export a Video with Adobe Premiere

The export video process is the final stage of the editing process. Adobe Premiere offers a lot of different ways to export your hard work with Media Encoder. The Media Encoder is a separate independent program from Premiere, but it comes with the editing software when you buy it. In addition to the media encoder, you can also use the traditional export to make an edit decision list. Premiere also comes with Adobe Encore. You can encode your projects in the MPEG 2 format, and then import those files in Encore to make DVDs.

Exporting the Media to Tape

Until recently, the standard procedure was to export your final project to video tape for play back. But, as digital technology is becoming more advanced, people aren't exporting to tape as much as they used to. But, Premiere still supports the process. Connect the camcorder to the computer through firewire cable and turn it on in VCR mode. 

Then, go to 'file'-> 'export'-> 'export to tape'. VCR controls come up. Hit play and the program will automatically have your camcorder start recording the play back.

Exporting to the Media Encoder

With most videos being played over the Internet or on DVD, most people use the Media Encoder to export their projects. Go to 'file'-> 'export'-> 'media' or use the keyboard short cut control (command) + 'M'. The export settings window will open. Here, you will select the file format, frame rate and resolution of your video. You can even select the data rates for some formats like Flash videos.

On top of the image of your video are two tabs. One is 'source' and and is 'output'. You should check both images to make sure the frame rates are the same before okaying the export settings. You don't want your video to have unnecessary letter boxing. You also don't want to have to encode your files again. Once you're satisfied with your settings, click 'OK'.

Media Encoder

Once you click 'OK', Media Encoder will automatically open. Here, you can take one last look at your project's settings. This would be a good time to double check that it's going to be saved in the file you want it in. Generally, if there are any last minute changes you want to make, it's easier to delete the project in the queue and then re-export from Premiere than to try to change the settings through Media Encoder.

Once you're satisfied with everything, click 'start queue'. Depending on the size of your video, encoding can take awhile. But, when it's done, your video is exported.

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