How to Ensure Quality Compression in Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Fireworks enables you to edit your image files. In addition to working on your image files and editing them, you can also compress the files so that they turn out in the best possible way.

Step 1 - Open Macromedia Fireworks

Open Macromedia Fireworks to initiate the application. Open the image that you want to compress by choosing 'Open' from the File Menu. Highlight the file that you wish to work with and click open.

Step 2 - Set Optimization  

In order to get quality compression, you need to choose 'View Optimization Window' from the Windows tab. Select 'Gif' from the menu here to set the optimization settings for the GIF image.

Step 3 - Set Necessary Gif Files

Pick the type of 'Gif' file that you wish to work with from the list of Gif files. You have option such as Window, Web, Mackintosh, Black and White, or Exact.

Step 4 - Specify Color Levels in the File

Specify the number of colors for the 'Gif' file. This enables you to determine the color richness of the image that you are working with.

Step 5 - Specify Dither Levels

Find out the amount of dither that is there in the image.  You can change the dither percentage to what is most optimal so that the image smoothes out and that it loads faster. See a change in the image quality as the dither percentage changes.

Step 6 - Specify Loss Levels

Specify the loss level in the picture quality to determine the loss levels that you can handle in the image. You can set the loss levels to that percentage that leaves you with the best Gif image file.

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