How to Edit Photos on an iPhone

This article describes how to edit photos on an Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch systems are powerful mobile computing platforms, offering great ease of use, multitouch technology, and terrific integration with real-time internet data.

Since the iPhone has a built-in camera, it is a great device for sharing photos while you are mobile. One of the features the iPhone lacks, however, is a solid photo editing suite.

Luckily, several options are available on Apple's popular iPhone App Store. Here are a few of them:


CameraBag from Nevercenter is a somewhat more scaled-back app than the others mentioned herein. 0.2 MB in size and 99 cents to buy at the App Store, CameraBag focuses on a limited number of filter effects, which can be quickly and easily applied to photos on your iPhone. Picoli also allows in-app photography, with a simple crop tool among the features.


Picoli from Alazar is a well-respected iApp that retails for $4.99 at the App Store. It is very well-integrated with the iPhone OS, offering the ability to take photos in-application. Picoli, like the iPhone OS, is very easy to use, with simple sliders for adjusting contrast, sharpness, brightness, and other photo properties. Picoli is a lightweight app, weighing in at 0.8 MB. Mobile Mobile from Adobe is a very recent arrival on the iApp scene. It is a free app built with users in mind, and offers the user an account on that service, with 2 GB of free storage for photos. Photoshop is a more powerful app than Picoli, allowing cropping, in-app sketching, and several color filter effects. It is a larger app, at 3.9 MB.


PhotoCooker from C. F. Computing is another good option. It is lightweight, at 0.5 MB, and costs $1.99 at the App Store. PhotoCooker concentrates on photo resizing, with a few additional tone and color filters thrown in.


CameraKit by Tetsuya Chiba concentrates on film effects, treating your iPhone pictures as film photos. In this 0.3 MB, $1.99 app, you can change film types and apply cross processing and push/pull effects to your photos.

Photo fx

Photo fx from Tiffen declares itself the "definite set of digital optical filters for the iPhone." This app, at 4.9 MB and $2.99, incorporates 61 filters for use on your iPhone photos.

Things to Consider

Numerous other photo editing apps exist in the App Store, many of which concentrate on very specific photo effects. Tilt Shift enthusiasts may appreciate Vint Shift or TiltShift Generator while panoramic photographers will gravitate towards apps like Pano or the iPhone version of AutoStitch.

Users just looking for something new or novel may have some fun with the likes of Toy Camera or QuadCamera.

Whatever you seek, the App Store has a suprisingly wide variety of powerful photo editing apps, and more are being written for the platform every day.

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