How To Do Wedding Video Titles

When you're editing a wedding video, you need to think about the titles. At the very least, you should have a title in the beginning of the video stating whose wedding it is and the date. You could also include the venue (unless there's a nice shot of it's name), titles stating the names of people you interview, and end credits. Although you do need to use titles, it's important not to go overboard with them. People want to watch a video, not read it. Don't annoy your customers by saturating the video with unnecessary titles.

How Do You Make Titles?

Most editing programs have a basic titling programer built into it. For the most part, these titles are very simple. But, with a little creativity you can make them a lot more lively. If you're lucky, your software comes with title templates that look great. If not, then you need to add them yourself. Most titling programs allow you to create and color shapes. It takes a little playing around to master, but it does offer you the ability to make great titles with a little labor.

Where Do You Place the Titles?

You want to have a main title that states whose wedding it is and the date. You could place the title over black screen or you could edit together a quick introduction montage of the guests arriving with the titles appearing over the video. The decision is yours, just keep it tasteful. This is a video that will be watched for years to come. 

If your video includes interviews, then adding a title under the interviewees name with their relation to the bridal party is always nice. These titles appear in the lower third of the screen under the person speaking. You can create an interesting shape with the titles over it. Use the editing programs transitions to animate the title in and out. Just make sure the names are spelled right. 

Your video should also include end credits that state the names of the bridal party and family of the bride and groom. Maybe even the guest list. These titles should be the traditional end credits, with white titles rolling up on a black background.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one of the best titling programs on the market. It's programed with about a hundred presets that can be altered so that you can create animated titles. While these titles do add production value to your video, you should use them sparingly. Going over board on the titles can come off as tacky. Plus, the titles are there to support the video and the memories. Use them to enhance the video.

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