How to Cut Photo into a Shape with Paint Shop Pro

The Paint Shop Pro is a wonderful photo-editing tool that helps the photography enthusiasts to experiment with the different photo editing techniques. The sofware bears a myriad of techniques to attribute an image with an extra dash of creativity. Here are the quick steps to cut a shape from an image by using Paint Shop Pro. Cutting the photo shape and adding up an innovative aptitude to it will surly gift you with some fantastic ideas of making a cut out of your choice. It is more or less an easy task and takes few minutes to have the desired result.

Step 1- Open an Image

Browse through your computer and find out a suitable image, you want to cut out.

Step 2- Promote Background Layer

Go to the right palette; right click on the background to choose "Promote Background Layer"

Step 3- Choose a shape for the Cut-out

Next, choose the preset Shape Tool. Then select a shape suitable for the cutout. There are certain shapes that come with Paint Shop Pro. One such shape resembles a heart. You can use those custom shapes also.

Step 4- Drag the Shape within the Image

The shape selected needs to be clicked, and then dragged within the image.

Step 5- Adjust Size, Rotation and Position of the Shape

Around the shape, you will find handles. With the help of those handles the size, position and the rotation of the shape can be changed. The opacity of the vector layer can also be reduced. This will enable you to measure the position of the shape in accordance to the picture.

Step 6- Go to Selection

As you find the position of the shape satisfactory, then go to Selection and select the " From Vector" option.

Step 7- Crop the Selection

Now, go to Image and choose the 'Criop selection' option.

Step 8- Delete the Vector Shape Layer

Hide or delete the Vector Shape Layer

Step 9-Copy and Paste the Cutout

As the cut out is complete, copy and paste it in some other document. You can also save it as a transparent PNG file, which is used in countless other software.

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