How to Create Holiday Gift Tags with Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is an excellent program to apply fine touches to images. Apart from editing photographs, Corel Paint Shop Pro also acts as excellent drawing and painting tool. To create fantastic holiday gift tags, you don't need to rush towards the professional artists. You can do it on your own.

Step 1-Open Paint Shop Pro

Choose Jasc Software and then click the Jasc Paint Shop Pro to open it. You can do it another way. If there is Paint Shop Pro icon on the desktop then simply double click it to open PSP.

Step 2-Generate a New Image

In the Paint Shop Pro, you have to select File>New. A dialog box will open up with the following options: Units, Color, Height, Image Characteristics and Width. After working with the settings, you have to click OK to proceed further.

Step 3-Insert a Frame

You have to click the Image and then select the Picture Frame option. Click it. You have a select a frame. Wrap up this task by selecting Frame from the Orientation option and clicking OK.

Step 4-Alter the Frame Colours

To change the frame colours of the image, you have to click the cursor on the Background option. Now, you have to set the HTML colour in the Material Properties. It is suggested to alter the colour to #db281F. Then press OK with the mouse cursor. Then you should choose the Dropper Tool from the Tools Toolbar.  Then press the colourful upper left corner of the image. To change the existing colour, just select the Color Replacer from the Tools Toolbar. Put the cursor in the zone of existing colour in the frame. Double click the right hand mouse button to change the colour. Repeat this step on the upper right hand corner. To play with colour for the lower corners repeat the same process but change the HTML colour to #159727.

Step 5-Write Content

To write texts you have take the help of the Text Tool. Here you have to select the style of the font, its size and other options to compose the gift tag. Ensure to compose the text as Vector. To select a particular colour of the text, you have to press the background swatch of the Materials Palette. Here you have to select the colour according to your requirement. After selecting the text colour, you have to press the cursor near the tag. Type the content in the in the Text Entry section and click Apply. Click the middle of the text box and drag your text into place. Just press the cursor in the middle portion of the text box. To change the place of the box, just drag it. 

Step 6-Create a Background Image

To create a background picture, you have to select go the File and open the image.

Copy it by opening the Edit option. Now look at your tag image and select Edit then click Paste and finally As New Layer. Press F8 to open the Layer Palette and press the layer (e.g.- Raster 1). Set the opacity as per requirement. From the Layers section, press Merge and then Merge All and finish the task.

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