How To Create a Simple DVD with DVD Studio Pro

Building a simple DVD in DVD Studio Pro is easy to do. The first thing you need to do before you beginning the process is to prepare for it. You do this by assembling together all your assets. That's the video, the sound, and the images for the menu. Once you have all of those, you're ready to begin the process.

Import the Assets

Once you have DVD Studio Pro open and name the project, you will then import your assets into the program so you can work with them. Go to 'File'-> 'Import' and select the files you wish to work with.

Properly Name Everything

Before you do anything else, you should go into the 'Property Inspector' and name your disc. Then make sure that all your assets are properly named; otherwise, you might find yourself spending time you don't have being confused.

Add a Menu

Drag the first menu you wish to work with into the 'Graphical View.' Then select the disc layer. Next, go into the 'Property Inspector' and set the start up action to be the menu item you just brought into the 'Graphical View'. You need to always create a start up action for every project you create. When a disc is created, it needs a script item to begin the process of the DVD player engaging the DVD for it to play. 

Adding the Video

Now that you have a menu, you need to add your video to the disc. Select the MPEG file you wish to work with and drag it into the 'Graphical View.' Because MPEG files only contain video, you need to separately add the audio. Take your AC3 or AIFF file and drag it onto the MPEG file that you dragged into the 'Graphical View.'

Creating Buttons

So now you have a menu and a video with sound. You need a button to connect the two together. To start the process, double click on the thumbnail image in the menu item that's located in the 'Graphical View.' A sub window will open. At the top left side of the window, you will see a box titled: 'Untitled Button.' Select the button, and an animated marquee will surround it.

Now that the button is created, you will move it to the appropriate location and resize it. Rename the button. To create more buttons just drag a marquee around an item you wish to turn into a button, and repeat this process.

Making Buttons Work

Now that you have buttons, you need to give them a function. To do this, select a button and then head over to the 'Property Inspector.' Find the Action Field and look for 'Jump When Activated.' Select the MPEG or marker that you want this button to activate.

Go to the 'Buttons Link' field and the select the up, down, left, and right direction that you want the buttons to jump to when using the remote in the DVD player. 

End Actions

The final step in making your DVD is creating end actions. Go to the 'Property Inspector' and head to the 'General Field.' Look for 'Jump When Finished' and set this selection to return to the original menu when the video is finished playing.

Burning a DVD

Click on the 'Preview Button' at the bottom of the 'Graphical Menu' and test the disc. If the test is all good then select 'File'-> 'Build Disc.'

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