How to Combine Images with Paint Shop Pro

There are many ways to combine images with Paint Shop Pro, depending on the end result you are looking for and what you are trying to accomplish. Here, we will examine one of the simpler ways of combining images in Paint Shop Pro using a number of basic tools such as the selection tools and resizing tools.

Step 1 - Choose and Open Images

The key to combining images so that they look like they belong together is to pick two images that need minimal manipulation. For example, if you want to combine a picture of a man with a picture of a sunny beach, you would start by finding pictures where the man is wearing a bathing suit. You might also try to find images where the lighting, and especially the direction of the shadows, appear to match.

It is also important that the images don't have a huge contrast in resolution. If one image looks horribly blurry while the other is crystal clear, you can try resizing, but you'll probably have to just get different pictures. Also, your foreground object (the object that will eventually be on top in the final product) will be easier to work with if everything around it is one solid shade or close to a solid shade of one color, such as a man standing in front of a plain white background.

Step 2 - Make Your Selection

There are a number of ways to make selections in Paint Shop Pro, some easier than others and different ones are definitely better suited for different situations. Whichever one you feel will work best that you are comfortable with using, pick it and make a selection around the foreground object. In the case of the man on the beach, the man will eventually be on top, so make a selection of him.

Step 3 - Copying and Pasting the Selection

Copying is done in a similar manner to most other programs, whether they're other photo editing programs or text writing software. Simply go to the Edit drop down menu at the top of the screen and select Copy. If you like shortcuts, you can also click Control+C. Both of these actions will place a copy of your selection on the clipboard. If you are using a Mac computer, you would need to click Command+C instead.

Pasting is done in the same manner. Go to your background image (in our example, a beach picture) and add a new layer by selecting New Raster Layer from the Layers drop down menu, then either select Paste from the Edit drop down menu, click Control+V (for pasting in a PC) or click Command+V (for pasting using a Mac). Your selection of the man will appear over your beach image.

Step 4 - Adjust Size, Color, Etc.

Now is the time to start making the adjustments to make it look like the man actually belongs there. Start with the size (click D for the resize tool), scaling your image down to a more natural height if he appeared too big on the beach, or scale him larger if he's too small. Then, play with brightness and contrast, and possibly even color settings, until it looks as they he belongs on that beach.

You may also want to add effects, such as a drop shadow, which can be found by clicking 3D Effects from the Effects drop down menu.

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