How To Author a DVD with DVD Studio Pro That Plays Automatically

DVD Studio Pro is high-end video software which is produced by Apple Inc. Its function is to create a master DVD which is later sent to production houses for replication. Apple acquired Astarte's DVD Director in 2000 and re-released it as the first version of DVD Studio Pro in April 2002.

The objective here is to author a DVD using DVD Studio Pro which plays automatically. To elaborate, we do not need a menu nor do we require the user to press the play button. The DVD should play its tracks by itself once it is inserted into the DVD player.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro

Step 1: Create a New Project in DVD Studio Pro

Open DVD Studio Pro on your computer. Create a New Project in it. Import the assets that are required for your project. Go to the Outline tab. Click on Menus. Select Menu 1 here. Here, you will need to press the 'Delete' key. This operation will delete Menu 1. Now, you need to drag the video asset(s) you previously selected from the assets tab. Drop these assets into V1 in the track tab. The audio track should follow and automatically appear. If this does not happen to the audio track from the Assets tab, drop the audio track into A1 in the Track Tab.

Step 2: Add Subtitles to the Track

At this stage, you can add subtitles to your track. You may also add other track elements at this point. Go to the Outline Tab. Here, select the item at the top, i.e. "UNTITLED_DISC". Now in the Inspector, you should be able to see the properties for the disc you are making. The first item in this dialog box is "Name:". You can rename your disc here, changing "UNTITLED_DISC". The next item is "First Play:". From the First Play pop-up menu that you get, choose the tab Tracks and Stories. From the submenu here, choose Track 1 and then [Track]. Many discs contain multiple tracks. Thus, to run a loop for multiple tracks follow step 3, or else go to step 4.

Step 3: Run a Loop for Multiple Tracks

Go to the Outline tab again. Select Track 1 under the tab Tracks. Again, in the Inspector for Track, when you get to the End Jump pop-up menu, choose Tracks and Stories. Then from the submenu, choose the tab Track 1 and then [Track]. What this does is it makes the track play over and over again, once it reaches the end. Here, the loop is formed.

Step 4: Making Sure It Works

Next, you have to simulate your project and make sure it works in the way you want it to. If the output is satisfactory this can be burned at this point and tested on a DVD player.

Sometimes, the DVD track may repeat continuously or may not loop at all. Thus, it is preferable always to end the DVD tracks with a blank screen, which terminates the playing of DVD. More assistance can be obtained from the Help tab of the software.

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