How to Animate Your Photos With Macromedia Fireworks

Macromedia Fireworks is graphic editing software developed by Macromedia. One of the most interesting features available here is the facility to animate your pictures. Here is a look at the steps involved in animating photos using Macromedia Fireworks.

Step 1 - Open Firework Application

Go to Firework Application in the Start up Menu. Open the image that you wish to animation by choosing File>Open from the Menu Panel.

Step 2 - Select Area for Animation

You can see the Windows for Properties or you can choose to display the image under the Menu Panel Windows. Select Layers and Frames here so that you can see the options available under here. Use the lasso tool in the tool panel to select the area that you wish to animate.

Step 3 - Get Ready the Animated Picture

Cut the selected area and open a new document of the same size as the original document. Paste the image into a new document with a transparent background and save it. Clean up the edges of the image by erasing the edges using an eraser tool. Save the changes.

Step 4 - Get the Image Background Ready  

Since the background is transparent, you can paste images of the original image background behind the image to make up the same background here too. Go to the option 'Modify' in the menu bar and select Flatten Layers in the drop-down menu. Now you have the backdrop of the entire animation ready. Save this image.

Step 5 - Add Frames to the Animation

Add frames to the panel area of the animation. Copy and paste the background into each frame. Next copy and paste the image into each frame. Set the time delay and test your animation. While you carry out what should be happening in each frame, ensure to keep only certain layers open and the remainder of them invisible. Optimize the file, by selecting Window -> Optimize.

Step 6 - Preview the Animation

Preview the animation effect on the Preview Panel by clicking the 'Play' button. You should also check the size of the animation by previewing it. After you are satisfied with the result, export the slice and your animation is ready.  

Use the steps given above to complete the animation effect and preview the results of the animation. You can create varied effect, depending on the kind of result you want.

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