How to Add Vector Text Effects to Your Photos in Paint Shop Pro

All graphic designers need to know how to create striking text designs in software such as Corel Paint Shop Pro. Learning how to add vector text effects in this type of editing application really can liven up any image or photo.

Step 1 - Opening Your Image

To begin, load Paint Shop Pro and then use the Browse function to identify the photo in question. Once it is loaded, you can perform any correction work if required.

Alternatively, you can decide to create the text over a blank canvas just to experiment and get a feel for how everything will look and work together.

Step 2 - Creating Text

Enable the Tools palette in the View menu, and click the Text tool. You should then notice the Text Options window appear. Choose the font you want to use and the size, and also select to create as a Vector Image.

Choose the color scheme for the text in the materials palette. Choosing different foreground and background colors will affect the fill color and border color of the text respectively.

Type the text that you want to put on top of your image. Press Apply to make the text appear on your photo. If something is not quite right, then you can also use the undo command by pressing Control + Z.

Step 3 - Resizing the Text

Because the text has been created as a vector image, it's possible to re-size it without affecting the quality. Click on the text you want to resize, and then use the handles in the corners to adjust the size of the text. You can make this text bigger or smaller depending on what you want.

Step 4 - Repositioning the Text

When the text has been re-sized, it's then possible to reposition it and move it to the right place. This will be much easier once you have resized it because it will be easier to click on the text. Take your time doing this so that the image looks exactly how you want it. If you make any mistakes or prefer it how it was before, then you can use Undo to take steps backward.

Step 5 - Saving the Image

Once you are happy with how it looks, then you need to save the photo. To do this, use the Save As command so that you don't lose your original photo. This will make it possible for you to do more work in the future.

If you do want to share this image with other people, flatten the image into standard JPEG or BMP format.

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