How to Add Scan Lines to a Photo in Paint Shop Pro

Adding scan lines to a photo can give it a very unique look. There may be several reasons you might want to consider using this technique. This technique could be used for Paint Shop Pro 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Step 1: Make a Copy

It's always a good idea to make a copy of the original photo before you start to alter it. This way, if you don't like the finished product, you still have the original. It will also allow you to do multiple edits on the same photo.

Step 2: Vertical Blinds

If you are wanting to make vertical scan lines, you will need to apply the Blinds Filter. You can find this under Effects, then Texture Effects, then Blinds. Apply the following values for the best effects: Width of 0, Opacity of 40, Color Black, Horizontal unchecked and Light From Left/Top checked. These settings will give you a vertical blind effect.

Step 3: Horizontal Blinds

If you prefer to have a mini-blind or horizontal blind effect, go back to the Blinds Filter, Effects, Texture Effects and Blinds. Set the Width to 0, Opacity to 40, and Color to Black. Then time check the Horizontal box and check the Light From Left/Top as well. This will create the effect of looking through open mini-blinds.

Step 4: Sunburst or Circular Lines

This will be slightly different than the above steps. You will need to use the Gradient tool to start with. Choose the Sunburst style (third one down), set the Horizontal value at 32, the Vertical value at 42, and Repeats to 100. Keep the Angle box at 0 and keep the Invert Gradient box unchecked. You will then need to set the Floodfill settings. Set the Blend mode to Soft Light, and the Opacity to 23. Make sure the Sample merged box is checked. Apply these settings and you will have a circular scan throughout the picture.

You can always go back and add additional scan lines in to certain elements of the photo by using the freehand tool and follow the above directions again.

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