How to Add Glowing Graphic Edges to Your Photos in Paint Shop Pro

Graphic edges can easily be added to your photos if you have knowledge about paint shop pro. You can add glowing edges to any picture in your collection in just a few steps. Below you will be provided with the necessary steps to be taken to get your picture looking its best by successfully giving it glowing edges.

Step 1 - Choose Your Photo

Go through your photo collection until you have chosen the right picture for this feature. Keep in mind that not all pictures are going to look good with glowing edges and that some pictures may not take to the effect as well as others. If you are unsure about a picture then save it until you are more comfortable with the process. Choose a picture that you are a little more sure about. This way you will be able to have a good example on what it should look like.

Step 2 - Duplicate

After you have chosen your picture you'll need to get the background layer duplicated. By doing this you'll first need to go to the 'layers' drop down option. From there you'll choose 'duplicate'. The layer that has been copied will need to be the current layer on your picture.

Go to 'adjust' then choose 'blur' in the drop down box, from there you'll select the 'Gaussian blur' feature. The blur settings are going to vary from picture to picture. Play around with the pixels until you have gotten the necessary blurry effect on your photo.

Step 3 - Difference

With the copied layer still being used you'll need to go to the 'layers' option and from there choose 'properties'. By pressing shift and 'B' you will be able to adjust the brightness and contrast of your picture. You are going to want your picture to be dark so that the glowing edges will be more prominent. Make sure that the picture is not so dark that you can't tell what it is. The ideal look is for the edges to already be somewhat glowing.

Step 4 - New Raster Layer

It is going to be necessary for you to add a new raster layer to your picture. In order to do this choose 'layers' and select the 'new raster layer' option. This brand new layer is going to need to be on top of your copied layer of your picture.

Step 5 - Flood Fill

On the left hand side of your tool bar there will be a flood fill option. Click on this and flood fill the top layer. Using flood fill will fill in all of the contiguous pixels with your selected color. It is best to use a neon color of some kind. This is generally a good option for glowing edges. Play around with the colors until you find one that works best. After you have used the flood fill option you will then need to change the most recent of the layer's blend mode into a color legacy.

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