How to Add Eye Shades with Paint Shop Pro

Adding eye shades to a photo can make it much more appealing and interesting. Learning how to perfect this effect is essential so that it looks natural, rather than out of place.

It's actually very simple to add eye shades to photos if you have the right tools and experience required.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Digital Image
  • Paint Shop Pro by Corel

Step 1 - Opening Paint Shop Pro

Once installed, the first thing that you need to do is open Paint Shop Pro; this can be done by either double clicking the shortcut on the desktop, or alternatively by selecting it in the start menu. You  may have to wait a while for Paint Shop Pro to load because it is a sophisticated program.

Step 2 - Loading Your Image

Once paint shop pro has loaded you can then load your image. You can do this by using the browse feature. Browse is often the easiest and quickest method of finding an image. All of the images in a folder will display miniature thumbnails. You can then double click on any of these images to load.

Step 3 - Enhancements

Before we get onto applying digital makeup, you may consider fixing up any other blemishes. If there are any blemishes on the skin then the "scratch remover" tool can be used to efficiently remove them.

Simply select the "scratch remover" and set it as the square shape. Then click and drag the "scratch remover" a very short way on the blemish.

You may also want to adjust other things including color levels and brightness. Paint Shop Pro features a myriad of automatic adjustments that can simplify the process of perfecting your photo.

Step 4 - Adding Layers

If you want to add some makeup to the eyes then you will first need to create a new layer. Click "Layers" then "New Raster Layer" to create a new layer on top of the background layer.

Step 5 - Getting Up Close and Personal

Before you can work on the eye makeup you first need to zoom in so can view your actions in detail. Click on the magnifying glass tool and draw a box around the eye by clicking and dragging your cursor. Once you have zoomed in to this section of the picture, you can see your actions much better.

Step 6 - Applying Digital Makeup

Now choose the color that you want to use as eye shadow and choose the "paintbrush" tool. Carefully put this over the top of the eye lids. You then need to adjust the opacity of this layer to around 50% and change the blend mode to "dodge."

You can experiment with these settings to create different results. A lower opacity will create a stronger, more obvious effect. Adjust this until you are pleased with the effect.

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