How PreSelect Improves Wedding photography

Wedding photography can now be made even simpler and easier to deliver with the help of ProSelect Studio Software. Its one of the newest and easiest to use professional studio software programs on the market. The 30-day trial enables users to test the program and experiment.

Image Adding

Images of any size in Photoshop, TIFF or JPEG formats can be added to a single album file which is further delineated to include screen sized images, thumbnails and all the other information in an ordered manner, so that you can present/process on any computer.


Preparing presentations is very smooth, wherein you can just rotate the thumbnails, create a sequence and even add effects like sepia, black & white or any other photo shopping to the entire group of pictures. Also, the rejects can be grouped into a 'maybe' group.


You can save the albums with client specific names and use them for a later presentation or future reference. The presentation can also be saved within the album and when required, a slideshow with appropriate music can be played.

Designing Albums

You can also design your albums with ProSelect using your own template designs. These albums can then be taken out as samples, printed or presented as interactive slideshows (or even in the form of a Quick Time video file that can be given to the clients).

ProSelect is definitely a tool of choice when it comes to improving and saving time on wedding photography and presentation, especially for the newcomers in the business.