How Do I Use the Layers Panel in Photoshop?

One of the most important Photoshop tools is the Layers Panel. The Layers Panel lists out all the layers that make up your working image. You can use the Layers panel to Create New Layers, Work with a Layer Group, or to Show and Hide Layers. Let's take a look at the many different things that can be done with the Layers Panel.

  • Creating a Layer
    You can create a new layer by clicking the 'sheet-shaped' icon bottom of the Layers Panel. You can also create a new layer by going to the top of your Photoshop window and click Layer > New > Layer.
  • Renaming a Layer
    When you create a new layer, it is named as Layer 1 or Layer 2, depending on when you create it. However, you can assign your own name to a layer by renaming it. You have to double-click the name of the layer to rename it.
  • Razterize your Layer
    You can rasterize any layer by first highlighting the layer and then right clicking the layer to rasterize it.
  • Using Blending Options
    You can use this option in three different ways. The first way to do this is by double clicking the layer and opening the Blending Options. You can also access this option by doing a right click on the layer you are working with. This is open a pop up menu that will allow you to access this option. You can also access this option from the Photoshop window and click Layer > Layer Styles > Blending Options.
  • Deleting Photoshop Layer
    Deleting a layer is quite simple. Right click the layer you want to delete to open a pop up menu. Click Delete Layer to delete the layer. Alternatively, highlight the layer by clicking it and then click the trashcan icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel to delete it.
  • Locking and Unlocking Layers
    Locking a layer is easy, you just have to click the Padlock icon at the top of the Layers Panel to do this. This action locks all the layers. You can unlock a layer by clicking the Padlock Layer in the layer.
  • Merging Layers
    You can merge layers by clicking on one layer and then pressing CTRL to click the other layers that you wish to merge with this layer. Once you have highlighted all the layers, right click on any one. A pop up menu opens, where you can click Merge Layers to carry out the merge action.

Each of these options enables you to use the Layers Panel in a different way. You can carry out some of the most interesting design styles through the options available here.

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