How Do I Use the History Panel in Photoshop?

When you carry out a series of actions in Photoshop, you may want to undo them. This is where using the History Panel comes into effect. The History Panel enables you to see all the actions that you have carried out. In case you wish to remove any effects that you had done, you can use it to undo those effects. Similarly, those effects that need to be edited can also be edited by using this panel.

Click 'Show History' from the Window drop down menu.

You can see the change in the history panel by applying any effect that you want. Suppose you had a filter effect like 'Solarize', you can see its result in the History Panel. Now if you add another effect like increasing the brightness of the image, you can see this result also available in the History panel. As you keep adding effects, you can see their results in the history panel. In case you wish to make any changes to any of the items here, you just have to go to that particular part in the History Panel and make necessary changes. You can see your new changes appearing there as a new effect. If you do not like a particular effect, simply delete the item from the History panel.

Use the History Panel to view the many effects that you have carried out in Photoshop. You can see the many changes that you have made in it and you can completely undo changes that you don't want through this panel, else you can delete it fully. This Photoshop Panel is easy-to-use and it offers you many different options that you can use to carry out actions and effects.

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