How Do I Use the Filter Menu in Photoshop?

One of the most important things that you can do with Photoshop is applying filters. Filters are some ready-made effects that you can apply to the image that you are working with.

Photoshop offers a wide variety of filters. You can create some of the most stunning effects through Photoshop's filters. You can access them from the Filters menu in the Photoshop Menu Bar. When you use any of the filter options available, a dialog box will open through which you can see a preview of the effect that you are going to apply on the image. This gives you information on how the image result will look after application.

Here are the many filter options on Photoshop:

  • Artistic - This filter enables you to achieve artistic effects. You can get some of the most distinct effects through this option.
  • Blur - This filter enables you to soften the look of an image. It can be used to soften the look of an entire image part of an image. You can use it to reduce the hard edges of an image.
  • Brush Strokes - This filter enables you to create artistic effects using brush strokes.
  • Distort - This filter enables you distort the image so that you can get a unique effect on the original image. This is one of the most interesting Photoshop effects to try out.  
  • Noise - This filter is used for creating textures. Many texture effects can be added using the options available here.
  • Pixelate - It creates small cells in the image that you are working with, based on color similarity.
  • Render - This bring about cloud and light effects in the image that you are selecting.
  • Sharpen - This sharpens the soft edges in the image by increasing pixel contrast.
  • Sketch - This works much like the artistic filter, excepting here you get a hand draw effect on the image.
  • Stylize - This option enables you to create special stylish effects on the image.
  • Texture - This option enables you to create various types of texture effects that can really enhance the way your image looks.
  • Video - When you have image captured through video, you can use this command to smoothen them out.
  • Digimark - You have to use his option when you want to add a digital watermark to the image.

Each of the filters enables you to create unique and stylistic effects on your image document. You can carry out so many variations in the image that you are working with and bring out some of the best results. Check out the results of each effect and carefully experiments with as many variations as possible so that you get the kind of results you want in your photo retouching or image enhancing requirements.

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