Helicon Filter: Manipulating Skin Tone

Helicon Filter is sophisticated photo editing software with many tools and features for enhancing digital images. One of the features is that it allows you to manipulate the skin tone so that the shot looks more natural. This takes away any color aberrations which may have happened during the shoot.

Step 1: Open the Photo in Helicon Filter

Initialize Helicon Filter and click on File. Then, select Open. Alternatively, you can click on the tab labeled "Source" to access the browser and select your photo file.

Step 2: Select the Brush

Click on the Retouching tab and in the right panel click on "Change Color" appearing in the Brush list. Adjust the sliders under Properties to select the various aspects of the brush. Set the Saturation at zero so that you do not change the original level. The brush size can be according to your requirement and hardness can be set at around 80%. Edge sensitivity should be zero.

Step 3: Choose a Skin Color

Click on the Memory Colors icon which is a button with three squares. This will give you different shades of skin colors ranging from pale, normal, suntanned, light and African. You also have the option of picking a skin color from the image itself, using the Color Picker button.

Step 4: Application and Fine Tuning

You can start applying the strokes and see the change taking place. If you are not satisfied, you can fine tune the color by adjusting the Saturation slider in the Properties list. If you have painted over certain areas which you were not supposed to, then select the "Erase changes" from the Brush list and reverse those areas to the color which was originally there.

Step 5: Save

Once you are satisfied with the skin tone results, click on the tab titled Save.