HDR Software: Key Features of HDR Expose

HDR Expose is new HDR software for Windows and Macintosh users. It is very powerful and dynamic, wherein you can merge two or more exposures into one image. You can maintain a full 32-bit workflow while editing your images using such features as contrast and brightness. With this program, you preserve the quality and integrity of your image even while you are making major changes to it. Here are four key features of this program.

1. Interface

It has a new interface that has a brightness histogram and operations panels at the right of the main window. You can also adjust your workflow according to your liking with the “HDR image tools” side panel.

2. Processing

The processing operations of HRD Expose have evolved to a faster and more accurate pace. This in turn makes it easier to manipulate the UI, therefore achieving the settings that you want at a more controlled rate than with the previous HDR software.

3. Working History

Your working history is now editable via the panel beneath the operations icons. Each time you save, it is saved in chronological order in this panel and you can therefore retrace the history of the image you are editing.

4. Presets

In connection to the editable histories, you can apply the set presets or past histories of your work to new images so you don’t have to edit them from scratch. Simply process an image by using a set recipe and see how it turns out. If the outcome is good, but not perfect, simply go back to your working history and tweak it a little from there. This amazing HDR software makes it easier for you by letting you start a few steps ahead.