Halloween Photography: Don't Forget the Details

In Halloween pictures, it's very often the little details that will make the photo the most interesting. Since Halloween is all about costumes, make up and decorations, it can be hard to capture the moments in a way that is memorable. Here are a few tips to help with your Halloween photography.

Capturing Make-up

One of the best parts of Halloween is being able to dress up in outrageous outfits and parade around. The make-up can make or break a costume. Grabbing photos that will show this off can be difficult. If possible, try to snap a few photos in natural outdoor light before the sun sets completely. This will allow you to get the detail of the make up without the need for a flash. Using a flash can wash out much of the detail. You can also take photos indoors after dark. Just be sure you have a well lit room, and try to get a few different angles so the makeup can be easily seen.

It's also fun to snap a few photos during the make up process. This will allow you to see the transformation of the person through the process of putting the detailed touches on the make up.

Photographing Large Costumes

One problem many people face when it comes to taking great Halloween photos is trying to figure out how to capture the entire costume in one shot. Many costumes are large and have lots of detail. Try to get a few overhead shots by standing on a step stool or sturdy table. This will allow you to capture more of the costume in a single shot. You can also take several photos from different angles to capture the really unique pieces of the costume.

Don't Forget the Food

How often have you gone to a Halloween party where gelatin brains, gooey eyes and other scary treats are served? This is half the fun of the holiday! When you are taking photos, don't forget to snap a few pictures of the treats before they are served. Kitchen lighting is often harsh on photos, but you can grab some great photos of the set up before guests start to dig in. If the spread is large, grab a chair and climb up to snap a few photos. This will allow you to get more of the set up in each shot.


Since Halloween is a night time celebration for most, capturing photos of the decorations can be difficult. You will want to get pictures of the jack-o-lanterns and other decorations that are meant for the after dark hours. It's best to turn your flash off for these so the lighting will show up well. Most digital cameras will have specific settings for capturing images after dark. This will help you get great photos of any spooky decor that has been set up.

Group Photos

It's a lot of fun to get a bunch of people together in different costumes for group photos. You can play around with staging for these. If a graveyard scene has been set up as part of the party, have several guests pretend to be coming out of the ground for an interesting group photo. This will capture not only the decor that has been painstakingly created, but give you an interesting group photo for everyone to share later.

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