Greeting Card Software: What Is Greeting Card Editor All About?

Greeting Card Editor is greeting card software that enables you to utilize your photos and create various types of greeting cards. The software provides blending features which will incorporate your digital photo onto various backgrounds with ease. You can add cartoons, flowers, frames and various other effects on the card and also add text in various styles.

Vast Resources

The software has a vast library of various resources to make your work easy. It provides about 100 types of flowers, 200 different masks, 40 pictures of jewelry, 220 types of frames and more than 100 cartoons. New templates are constantly added on their websites and registered users are free to download them.

Superior Technology and Simple Interface

Greeting Card Editor uses image processing of 32 bits, which provides better quality blending output and clean edges. The workflow is very simple and it does not take more than a couple of minutes to come up with a professionally designed greeting card. The whole process can be completed with a few clicks and dragging and dropping procedures.


The software provides a Shadow tool by which you can set the shadow on objects in your collages, thus creating effects of three dimensions. A simple slider control enables you to control the level of transparency of your digital photo so that you can achieve a better level of blend between the background design and photo. The text you add can also be given various effects like grooves, solid, dotted and so on.


Whatever you create can be directly sent to the printer or saved on the hard disk. You can also turn your art work into wallpaper for Windows.