Greeting Card Editor: Key Features

Greeting Card Editor is an easy-to-use greeting card software that is made by ZCStar. You can use Greeting Card Editor to create amazing greeting cards in as little as 60 seconds. Greeting Card Editor is compatible with Windows operating systems only and a free trial of the program is available. Some of the features of this program are listed below.

Collage Templates

Do you like to send family greeting cards out? If so, you will love Greeting Card Editor. Greeting Card Editor comes with a wide selection of professionally designed collage templates. Simply add pictures of your family to the templates that are included with Greeting Card Editor and you will have a great greeting card in no time at all.

Photo Retouching

One of the best features of Greeting Card Editor is photo retouching. The tools that are included with Greeting Card Editor allow you to enhance your photos before adding them to templates. A few of the photo retouching tools that are included with Greeting Card Editor are mask, rotate, crop and shadow.


Why waste money on stamps when you can email your greeting cards to your friends and family? Once you have created a greeting card in Greeting Card Editor, you will see an option for email. Click on that option and Greeting Card Editor will load your greeting card into your email client for you.