GraphicConverter FAQs and Answers

GraphicConverter is a multipurpose program that can be used to browse, convert, view and edit numerous image types for the Mac. Its main function, however, is to convert graphic files, importing around 200 file types to exporting around 80. Below are four frequent issues with corresponding responses about this product.

What Do I Do if the Scanner Driver Doesn’t Work?

The drivers of most scanners are usually PowerPC. Therefore, in the Rosetta emulation, they operate on an Intel Mac platform. The two conflict with each other and cannot work hand in hand. Try launching the application through Rosetta.

  • Step 1: Choose "Graphic Converter"
  • Step 2: Choose “File Info”
  • Step 3: Then finally click, “Open Using Rosetta”

Your previous scanner driver should work at this point.

What Do I Do if There Is an Abrupt Shut Down of the Program?

A corrupted document might be causing this. This document opens with the program. Please check below which operating system you are currently using and follow the instructions accordingly.

For Mac users:

  • Step 1: Locate the folder “/User/Library/Preferences” and erase the documents: 
  • Step 2: com.lemkesoft.graphicconverter.plist, com.lemkesoft.graphicconverter.powerpc.plist and

For Classic Operating Systems:

  • Step 1: Go to: “/System Folder/Preferences”
  • Step 2: Remove the document “GraphicConvert Prefs”

Are There Any Alternate Sources for Upgrades?

Yes, if you are unable to download the updates, you can place an order for an updated CD from the order page via the Internet. Updates received on a CD will be the same as compared to the updates done online.

How Can I Install the Plug Ins?

Go to the folder “/Library/Application Support/GraphicsConverter/Plugins” and copy the plug-ins in this destination. After doing this, in order to activate the plug-ins, you need to re-start GraphicConverter.