GraphicConverter: 2 Useful Software Plug Ins

The GraphicConverter is Mac-based software that is like the Swiss army knife for photo editing; much of the features are due to the number of software plug ins that are available for it. Here are the two important software plug ins for the GraphicConverter.

1. ImageMagick 6.1.8 for Mac OS X 10.3.x

The ImageMagick 6.1.8 is a nice little plug-in that enables export of the famous Kodak photo CD (PCD) format. This plug in is a freeware and hence does not promise a warranty or a guarantee. You will need to set the plug-in paths to /usr/local/bin/ in order to enable its use.

2. MrSID V1.2 plug-in for GraphicConverter X | UB

Just like the ImageMagick 6.1.8, the MrSID plug in is also a freeware and does not promise a warranty or a guarantee. It is solely provided on as-is basis. This particular plug in enables the import and export of MrSID documents by the GraphicConverter X software. Keep in mind that this plug in is supported only by versions 5.6 onwards by the GraphicConverter X. The version requirements are 6.1.3 onwards for the GraphicConverter UB.

The MrSID plug in has been developed on license by LizardTech.