Gimp Software: Removing Red Eye

Gimp Software is a free photo editing package which can be used for a number of different tasks. Red eyes are a major problem which affect photographers. The problem is caused because the light from the flash bounces off the retina. These sorts of problems were normally created by basic cameras and so weren't worth correcting.

Modern digital cameras are much more capable and will be able to take high quality photos. Even so, many of these will suffer from red eye problems. Your camera will try to avoid this from happening, but it's not always possible to eliminate. Software such as Gimp can be used to remove red eye.

Step 1: Zooming In

To correct red eye properly, you need to zoom right into your image. The amount of zooming that you need to do will depend on the original resolution of the image that you are working with. You will find that a fuzzy brush will work the best because this will minimize any imperfections.

Step 2: Setting up the Layers

You should set your application up so that you can view the layers and channels paths palette. This will make it easy to remove the red eyes from your photos.

Step 3: Removing Color Channels

Switch off the Blue and Green channels inside the layers palette. This will make it simple to remove the red eyes from your picture.

Step 4: Selecting the Brush

Select a 5x5 fuzzy brush or choose a different brush if it's suitable for your picture. Next, choose the Dodge and Burn tool. Double click the burn and dodge tool icon to view options.

Using the burn tool, click on the red coloring in the eyes. If you do make any mistakes, then press control and Z to undo the changes.