Gimp Software: Key Features

Gimp software is a powerful freeware image editing application. This is very popular because it has features which rival some of the expensive software packages available. If you are trying to decide whether you should bother to download the Gimp, then you will need to first look at the features.

Customizable User Interface

The user interface is the way that you interact and control the software. The Gimp has a customizable interface, which makes it very easy to use. The software can be used for many different tasks. The working environment needs to be set up differently to make it easy to use.

Gimp also features a helpful full screen editing mode. This makes it possible to easily edit very large photographs.

Enhancing Photos

Digital photos might be wonderful, but there are many imperfections which can affect them. Gimp features many enhancement tools which can be used to make the most out of your photographs. It's possible to remove barrel distortion and adjust color balance.


Gimp supports a wide range of different hardware devices. It supports many input devices, including graphics tablets and scanners. It's also possible to adjust the controls of the application. This makes it possible to trigger certain events when you roll the mouse wheel, for example.


Gimp supports many different formats of file types. These include TIFF, GIF, PNG and JPEG. There is also added support for icon files and many other file types that you wouldn't need to use very often.

There are also many plugins which can be used as a way to expand the file type support. It's also possible to save the files as a compressed format, such as ZIP or GZ, to save space on your hard drive. Gimp will seamlessly handle the compression of this without you needing to do anything.