Getting to Know PhotoKit Sharpener

The PhotoKit Sharpener is an all-in-one sharpening tool for Adobe Photoshop. Here is a brief introduction to the PhotoKit Sharpener for Adobe Photoshop.

About PhotoKit Sharpener

There are a lot of sharpening tools for Adobe Photoshop, but the PhotoKit Sharpener is different in the sense that it provides a complete sharpening workflow in itself (from capturing an image to its output). The PhotoKit Sharpener is available for both the Windows and the Mac platforms, and it's compatible with the CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4 version of Adobe Photoshop.


The PhotoKit Sharpener has put a lot of creative control into the hands of the end user by catering to individual images according to the tastes of the end user. The tool is used as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and its intuitive interface blends in with the parent application. The learning curve for this tool is almost flat. It is available for a trial as a demo download and is available for purchase for around $100.