Getting Acquainted with the Aperture Software

Aperture software, designed by Apple, is a one-stop, comprehensive photo program that allows you the ability to do anything you need to your pictures, from downloading them from your camera to uploading them online for all to see. It's easy to use, intuitive, and has a ton of features for everybody, from the new photo buff to the seasoned editor. 


Aperture has an intuitive import wizard to transfer your photos from your camera to your computer, and you can begin working on them before they're done importing (if you so desire). You can apply data, such as names and date stamps, as your files are downloading, as well, and apply those tags across the entire photo set. 


Aperture offers two unique options to organize your photos. You can organize them by faces, or by the place they were taken at. To organize by faces, simply select the face of the person and assign a name to that person. Aperture will automatically sort through all your photos and display all the results for you to confirm that it's the correct person, and it will automatically assign the name you gave the first photo to them all. 

There are two options to organize by place, otherwise known as geo-tagging. If you have a GPS-enabled camera or cell phone, the location the picture was taken at is incorporated into the photo's metadata, and Aperture can sort those pictures using that metadata. If you don't have a GPS-enabled device, you can manually assign locations to a specific picture by dragging that picture to a spot on the built-in world map, and you can then assign that location to any other pictures you want. Either method is a handy way of keeping track of events or vacations.

In addition to the two prior methods of organizing your photos, the traditional methods are also available. You can assign tags to each picture and sort them in almost any way you desire, whether by name or year or simply alphabetically. You can assign other details, such as captions or keywords, and then locate your photos later on using the built-in search engine.


Aperture has a powerful built-in photo editing suite that allows you to customize or edit your photos in any way you desire. There are a number of preset templates you can apply to your photos to fix common problems or add common effects, and there is also a custom brush listing that allows you to make your own changes. Other effects, such as blurring, color-changing, smoothing and others are also included.

Showing Off

Once you're done with your photos and are ready to show them off, you can use Aperture to create custom slideshows or to upload them online to social networking sites such as Facebook. Aperture connects to the internet automatically, so there's no delay uploading your photos. You can also use it to create printable projects, such as books and postcards.

Aperture really is a complete option for all your photo requirements.  

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