Getting Acquainted with iPhoto Software

If you're someone who loves sharing their photos on line with friends then it would be wise to acquaint yourself with iphoto software Iphoto is a software program that comes on a standard Mac computer. Using iphoto you can import your photos to your computer, create albums, tag people, use facial recognition technology to find photos of the people you've tagged, perform basic photo editing functions, and publish your photos directly to your Facebook or Flickr accounts.

Please note that you need to have a Mac in order to use iphoto.

Import Your Photos into iPhoto

Open iPhoto. If your photos are already on your hard drive, drag them into iPhoto to import them or choose import from the file menu. If your photos are on your camera then connect the camera to the computer when iPhoto is on in order for iphoto to import them. You can either individually select which photos to import or you can select all.


Once your photos are imported, iphoto automatically organizes them into events based on the date they were taken. It is also interesting to note that if your camera has a GPS built into it, then iphoto will automatically include the location where the photos were taken in the file's meta data.

Events are the iphoto equivalent of a Facebook photo album. Click on the 'Events' tab on the left to view your events. You can either double click the event to see all of the photos in it, or you can roll your mouse over the event to see a quick thumbnail slide show of the content inside. This is called skimming. 

High Tech Tagging

iphoto uses facial recognition technology to automatically find the faces in your photos. All you need to do is tag a person once. Then click on the 'Faces' tab on the left and you will see albums organized by people. Click on the thumbnail of the person you tagged and you will not only see all of the photos where you tagged them, but also all of the photos that this person finds interesting. All you need to do is either confirm or deny that their tag is accurate.

Basic Photo Editing

IPhoto is not as intense as Photoshop, but you can still perform some basic editing to make your photos look better. You can crop and tilt your photos, as well as remove red eyes. You can also automatically balance color temperatures and exposure levels, or you can manually alter them.

Posting to Facebook and Flickr

When you're finished organizing and editing your photos you can upload them to Facebook and Flickr with the ease of a button. On the bottom right of the screen are Facebook and Flickr buttons. Click on whichever one you wish to upload to, log in to your account, and the program takes care of the rest. Iphoto is that easy.

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