FunPhotor: Buy or Download?

FunPhotor is an innovative software package from Zeallsoft that allows users to blend their own pictures with well-known pictures and cartoons in order to create unique and entertaining imagery. This fun-filled Windows application turns photo blending into an simple process that consists of just four steps. Whether you want to add a sibling's face to the body of a giraffe, or you want to place your own face on a famous work of art, FunPhotor provides an easy facet in which to perform these comical tasks.

Downloading FunPhotor

A trial version of this software is available for download directly from the site. The download-able version consists of a limited version of the application in which a user can experiment with the various tools and become acquainted firsthand with what the software has to offer.

Buying FunPhotor

The version of this software available for purchase is the full package, which includes over 100 templates of various famous works of art, cartoons and historical figures to get the ball rolling. Additionally, users can add custom templates as desired. There are also many tools available that allow for maximum image customization prior to blending, providing the ability to re-size, rotate, adjust brightness and alter hue saturation as needed. To ensure no image is neglected, support is provided for five kinds of image formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and GIF.