FotoStation: An Overview

FotoStation is a very useful photo organiser which will scan through your computer looking for media files. All of these pictures are catalogued so that they can be found easily. This is particularly useful for any professional photographer who has thousands of photos on their computer.

FotoStation Defined

FotoStation is a package designed to organize your photographs and other digital media files on your computer. This supports picture files and video files. This is a very useful tool for professional photographers, as it helps organize your time and makes it easy to automate various tasks.


The tool has already been translated into 12 different languages. You will need to ensure that you are downloading the right version.


The software supports TCP/IP communications, which makes it possible to use in a client/server environment. This makes it great for multiple photographers who want to share photos. The software can work over a LAN, WAN or through a VPN connection. The FotoStation client can access the archives remotely from anywhere in the world. You can download photos from computers in a different city or country. The remote archive will behave exactly like your own local library.


Users can search and play back multimedia files including WMV (Windows Media Video) and Flash files as well as still photo files. The software has built-in support for Adobe PDF files. It's possible to preview multiple pages in the preview window.

Ease of Use

FotoStation makes it very easy to organize and find photographs on your computer. The photos and other media files can be organized by date, file name, size and various other tags. Because of this, it should be possible to find all of the photos on your computer. The new versions of this software offer a significant speed boost over previous versions thanks to the support of mult-core processors.