Following the 3 Step Process of Label Factory

Label Factory is an easy to use computer program that allows you to create labels at home or in the office. The program's work flow is structured by the 3 step process: select it, personalize it, print it.

1. Select It

Label Factory posts over 2,100 pre-defined label formats and templates. If there is a label that you want to create with this program, then the odds are pretty good that there is an existing template that will suit your needs. And with so many options to choose from, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will be creating something that is unique. 

There are templates in this program for anything that you can imagine. Some categories include business labels, address labels, media labels, barcodes, postcards, business cards, labels for home & school, file labels and office equipment labels. There's a template that will suit the needs for anything you can imagine.

2. Personalize It

Label Factory offers users over 30,000 royalty free clip art images to add to their labels. There are also over 1,000 professional photographs that you can add as well. There are a lot of image categories to choose from for your project. Some examples are business, education, food & drink, health & medical, holidays & occasions, household occupations, religion and season & weather. In addition to all of these images, the program also offers over 500 fonts for you to write your labels with.

Choose what goes on your label to make it unique to your personality and style. With all of the possible choices to choose from, you can feel safe knowing that you won't ever see someone else using your label design.

3. Print It

Once you have designed your labels, it is time to print them. This program has been designed to work well with inkjet and laser printers. The labels that can be designed in Label Factory 3.0 are compatible with virtually every Avery product so there will always be labeling materials that you can use with this program. And, if you ever run out of printing supplies, all you need to do is just visit your local Staples to buy more.

In addition to being easily compatible with most home and small office printers, the Label Factory kit also comes with a CD/DVD labeling starter kit. You can quickly create and add labels to your discs with the supplied materials. Label Factory's three step process allows users to conveniently create professional and powerful labels without taking up a lot of time or costing a lot of money.