Flash Slideshow Maker: Picking Templates

Flash Slideshow Maker is a popular software solution that is designed, developed and maintained by the software authoring company called Socusoft. The software is the current industry standard for converting photographs on your computer hard disk into flash animations and slideshows. This slideshows can also be interactive or straight flowing based on your preferences. The Flash Slideshow Maker owes its popularity to its easy to use and intuitive user interface that allows you to create professional looking slideshows without possessing any prior knowledge of Adobe Flash or HTML.

The following is an introduction on template selection for your slideshows while using the Flash Slideshow Maker:

Step 1: Launch the Flash Slideshow Maker

Launch the Flash Slideshow Maker on your computer by double clicking on the appropriate shortcut on the desktop. Once this is done, you will create a new album and then add the pictures of your choice to it using the resulting pop-up window that opens.

Step 2: Select Template

You will now select the project preferences from the file menu and select the relevant details like the transition for the photos, the transition time, background color, album title and the size of the resulting flash slide show. The tab next to these options will have the options for choosing the general template to dictate the overall look and feel of the resulting flash slide show. This can also be done by selecting the templates from the slider at the bottom of the program window.

Step 3: Publish the Flash Slide Show

Simply click the "Publish Now" button to render and save the slide show to your computer.