Final Cut Pro: What is Logging and Capturing?

If you are a beginner to using Final Cut Pro, then you may be unfamiliar with many of the terms which are used to describe the various functions of the system. If you would like to learn how to use Final Cut Pro to the best of its abilities, then you will need to know how these parts can be managed. Capturing all of your film into a media file, and then converting it into clips, can be easily done once you know how to use Final Cut Pro to log and capture. Learning how to do this can be an intimidating prospect, but you should be able to manage it by learning a few quick tricks on the computer.

Materials Needed

  • DV camcorder
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Firewire cable connection
  • Computer
  • Media File

Step 1: Setting up the Camcorder

Before you can use Final Cut Pro to chop anything, you will need to know how to connect the various systems together. When attaching the DV camcorder, make sure that the video is fully rewound, so that it is ready to play. You can then place the firewire cable into the recorder, and attach the other end to a convenient USB port on your computer. Let the computer accept and read the camcorder before you open up Final Cut, otherwise it may not be visible when you open it.

Step 2: Using Final Cut Pro

Once the camcorder is accepted by the computer, open up your Final Cut Pro software. Open the section which says File, and look under the Log and Capture sessions. These buttons should be easily visible, so if you cannot see them right away, you may need to shut down the computer and open it up again with the camcorder still attached.

Step 3: Capturing the Film

Once you open up the Log and Capture button, you should be able to see a tab which is named Log and Capture Video. This is the one that you want. Click on that, and you should see another widow open up, with a list of capturing and logging options. Click on the one which says Capture Settings, and then Scratch Disks. This will allow you to save the video. You will be offered the opportunity to save the file in your hard drive. Save the file somewhere convenient, and ensure that you give it a memorable name.

Step 4: Logging the Video

You will then be able to check that the video has been correctly saved. When the video has been captured, click upon the button which gives the option Logging. You will then see the original screen. Check that your video is back at the beginning of the tape, and then look for three options called Clip, Now and Batch. Choose the Now option, and then press Play on your tape at the same time. This should cause your video to be saved on Final Cut Pro.

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