Final Cut Pro: What is a Logging Bin?

With Final Cut Pro, the logging bin is the default folder that is used to store video clips captured from a DV camcorder, deck or other capture device. By default, the logging bin is the project itself; however, you can easily create a new logging bin or assign any other folder on your computer as the logging bin.

Primary Uses of the Logging Bin

As mentioned above, Final Cut Pro designates particular folders to be used as logging bins for your project. Whenever you create a new project in Final Cut Pro, the program automatically creates a new logging bin in the project file that is created. In this way, Final Cut Pro helps ensure that your media remains managed and well-organized. By creating a new logging bin every time you create a new project, the program encourages good file management by a allowing you to easily separate files from various projects.

Although you can always change the logging bin that is used for the project, or even create a new one, it is a good idea to always make sure that your projects use different logging bins. Failure to do so could result in project files becoming misplaced or saved in the wrong folders. If this occurs, Final Cut Pro will have a hard time not only working with captured clips, but exporting them to other programs in Final Cut Studio as well.

Creating or Changing Logging Bin

Final Cut Pro allows you the ability to easily create or change logging bins that you use with your video projects. In fact, you can easily create a new logging bin on the main log and capture window that is used to capture video footage from your camera or deck. If you look on the logging tab in the log and capture window, you will notice that there is a new bin button that you can use to quickly create a new bin for your current project file.

You can also choose an existing logging bin to use with the video project that is currently displayed in your browser. In order to choose a logging bin or folder that is already on your computer, go to the File menu and choose Set Logging Bin. Alternatively, you can control click on the logging bin, and then choose the Set Logging Bin option from the shortcut menu.

Viewing Clips in the Logging Bin

Although the primary use of the logging bin is to store files for your video projects, it also makes keeping track of clips that you have logged or captured easy as well. When logging clips, if you keep your logging bin open, you will see that new clips are automatically added every time you log one. The logging bin allows you to easily track how many clips have been logged, captured or logged and not yet captured.

If you need to open the logging bin, you can easily do so from the log and capture window. Simply click on the logging tab and then click the logging bin button. You can also open the logging bin directly from your event browser by clicking on it.

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