Final Cut Pro: What is a Gain Filter?

Final Cut Pro is one of the best software's currently available in the market; it is equipped with the best tools to edit professional or even homemade movies with easily accessible tools. Gain Filter enhances the quality of video and audio by filtering the unnecessary picture spots and sound busts and interruption. Sometimes, the audio in a movie is too low and you need to manually increase the volume so that you can hear clearly. But, if the audio keeps rising and lowering, then it annoys the audience.

Gain Filter

Here comes the use of Gain Filter; if you have captured a movie and if the sound in the movie is low, then you need to use this feature to regulate the level of sound so that the audience doesn't get distracted. You can easily access this feature by selecting the Modify drop down menu from top, then selecting Audio and choosing Apply Normalization Gain option (and see the results in real time).

Another easy way to access Gain Filter is to select the Effect tab in the browser window. To see the effect in real time, you need to load the video and select it while choosing Audio Filters and then Final Cut Pro (and then choosing Gain). You can easily slide the key on the scale along, seeing the effects at the same time; keep sliding until your desired result is achieved. Most of the time, its better to choose 12 decibels, as it is the standard level.

Final Cut Pro 6

If you are using Final Cut Pro version 6, then you might know that this version has a feature in Gain Filter that its previous version lacks. That is of Apply Normalize Gain. Although Final Cut Pro has been releasing its newer version with new and improved tools, the basic purpose of this extra feature is that when you are working with multiple clips and you need to use the Gain Filter feature, you need to select all the clips one after another to adjust the Gain Filter scale. But, by using Apply Normalize Gain, you can easily adjust their gain at the same time along observing real time results. You simply go to the Modify drop down menu and select Audio, and then choose Apply Normalization Gain.

When using Apply Normalization Gain feature, you have to keep this in mind that you cannot exceed the limits that you specified in the Gain tool in filter tab. It will raise the level of the audio volume to full until it has reached its limits specified in the Gain tool.

Final Cut Pro has always been the top priority of the professionals and hence Apple has been developing more powerful and easily accessible tools to achieve best results.

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