Final Cut Pro: What are Merged Clips?

When you are working on Final Cut Pro, you may need to combine clips into one area. Merged clips are made from one video clip and a number of audio clips. There are a number of advantages to doing this, including the fact that you can access a much larger number of frames which you can then edit at once, and you can also create a complex edit which will then be passed through all of the merged clips at once. This is particularly useful for things such as timecode modification, where you will want to change a large number of clips at the same time.

Merged Clips

Merged clips consist of a large number of clips, usually of the same duration and length, consisting of one video clip, and up to 24 audio clips, although usually you will only use one or two audio clips at a time. Unlike with sequencing, the clips are not laid end to end, but are instead placed over one another, rather like layering, and consist of more than one type of clip. These merged clips run at the same time as each other, so you will need to synchronize them using the playhead before you can merge them. You should also try and complete as much of the edit of your Video clip as you can before you merge the clips, as any mistake afterward may damage not only the video, but also the audio clips which you have now combined with it.

Merging Video and Audio Clips

It is usually best to merge your video and audio clips together from one location, such as the Browser. In this window, you can gather together all of the clips that you have previously synchronized. Select them by using the mouse, and then use the Modify button to merge the clips together. You should also select a particular method of synchronizing the clips. Once you have done this, you will find the merged clips together on your browser. They will be named after the video clip, or, if none have been used, the uppermost audio clip. You will see the clip name, along with the word Merged.

Why Merge Clips?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to merge clips. Adding a number of different audio clips together means that you can have several sound effects at once. This will help you when you are trying to create sounds such as the Dolby system, and will also help with other surround-sound effects. Layering the clips can be time consuming, and using the Merge button will allow you to bring them all together at once. When you are satisfied that your video is close to completion, pressing Merge makes more sense than trying to layer each clip into exactly the right place. So long as all of your clips are synchronized, you can manage to bring them all together with just one button.

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