Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Log and Capture Window

The purpose of the Log and Capture window in Final Cut Pro is to capture tape based footage. The controls provided by the Log and Capture window allow you to control a camcorder, set the In and Out points, and preview video from tape. To open the Log and Capture window, you can either press Command + 8 or go to File and then Log and Capture. This guideline will go over the main controls of the Log and Capture window and what purpose they serve.

Log and Capture Window Preview Controls

If you are previewing tape from your camcorder in the Log and Capture window, you can use the transport controls to control your camcorder. The transport controls are very similar to the controls that you will find in the Viewer and Canvas windows. The transport controls allow you to rewind, play in to out, stop, play, play around current frame and fast forward. To the direct right of the transport controls are the jog and shuttle controls. You can use the J, K and L keys to control the jog and shuttle. Below the transport and jog and shuttle controls are the marking controls. The mark in and mark out controls set the In and Out points of your clip. The clip in and clip out points display the timecode value of your In and Out points. The go to in and go to out points will cause your camcorder to go to the currently set In and Out points.

Logging Tab Controls

The logging tab allows you to add information, such as a reel name and scene numbers, to each clip that you log. The information that you enter via the logging tab can also be added via the Browser window. When you open the logging tab from the Log and Capture window, there will be a few logging bin controls at the top of the window. Regardless of how many projects you have open, there will be only one log bin. There are different levels of the log bin. The up button, which is located right to the name of the log bin, allows you to advance to the next level. Right next to the up button is the new bin button, which will create another bin inside of the bin that you are currently viewing.

Towards the middle of the logging tab window are the marker controls. The top field in the marker controls is the marker field, which allows you to enter a name and/or comments to go with the marker you're creating. Just below the marker field are the set marker in and out buttons, which set the In and Out points for the marker. You can enter a value in the timecode field if you do not want to use those buttons. To the right of the marker name field is the set marker button, which creates the market after you have set the In and Out points. The white window display below all of the above mentioned buttons contains a list of all markers you have created.

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