Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Canvas Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Canvas window displays the video and audio of your edited sequence during playback. The Canvas and Timeline work together to display sequences. The playhead that you see on the Canvas is the same as the playhead that you see on the Timeline. The Canvas also displays the frame at the playhead's current position in an open sequence. Whenever the playhead of the Timeline is moved, the frame that the Canvas is displaying will also move.

In order to use the Canvas, you need to understand what the various controls do. The controls displayed by the Canvas are very similar to the controls displayed by the Viewer. You can open the Canvas window by pressing Command + 2. If you have both the Canvas and Viewer open, you can navigate between the two by pressing Q.

To utilize the Canvas window, you need to have a sequence opened within the window. To open a sequence, you can do one of two things. You can select the sequence from the Browser window and click View, then Sequence in Editor. You can also select the sequence that you wish to display in the Canvas and press the Return key.

Upper Canvas Controls

If you have multiple sequences open, there will be multiple tabs at the top of the Canvas. Directly below the tabs is the timecode duration field, which displays the current duration between the sequence In and Out points. To the right of the timecode duration field is the zoom pop-up menu, which allows you to enlarge and shrink the image that the Canvas is displaying. Next to the zoom pop-up menu is the playhead sync pop-up menu, which gives you multiple options for locking the movement of the playhead. Directly to the right of the playhead sync pop-up menu is the view pop-up menu, which allows you to control display options. To the far right of the Canvas window is the current timecode field, which displays the timecode of the frame at the current position of the playhead.

Bottom Canvas Controls

The above controls are all located at the top of the Canvas window. The controls mentioned below are located at the very bottom of the Canvas window. Right below the end of the image are the jog and shuttle controls, which allow you to navigate through your sequence. Below the jog and shuttle controls are the editing controls, which allow you to edit the clip that was added to the Viewer. Above the jog and shuttle controls is the In and Out point, which determine where the clips are placed in the Timeline.

The playhead is located in between the In and Out points. The playhead is used to control the movement of the sequence. Below the playhead are the transport controls, which allow you to rewind, play, and fast forward your sequence. To the right of the transport controls are the sequence marking controls, which are used to add markers and keyframes. The scrubber bar is located at the far bottom right of the Canvad window, and it represents the duration of your sequence.

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