Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Browser Window

The Browser window in Final Cut Pro is used to organize your video and audio clips. By using the Browser window, you are able to rename, sort and rearrange all of your clips. When you have the Browser window open, you will notice rows and columns. Each row is a clip or sequence, and each column is a property field that displays information about that clip or sequence. To bring the Browser window onto your screen, all you have to do is press Command + 4.

Viewing the Browser

There are different ways to view the information that the Browser window contains. By using the list view, your clips will be organized in a list on the left hand side of the window, while the clip properties will be organized in a list on the right hand side of the window. By using the icon view, all of your clips will be organized as icons. Each icon will show a frame of your video, which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. The clip properties will be displayed if you roll your mouse over the clip.

Final Cut Pro also allows you to customize the Browser window. When using the list view, you can change the size of the column by clicking and dragging the column heading. You can hide a column by holding Control and clicking the column heading. When the drop down menu appears, click on Hide Column. When using the icon view, you can change how the clip icons are displayed. To do this, go to View, then Arrange, and then select by Name or by Duration.

Sequences and Clips

In order to begin editing the clips that you will place in the Browser window, you first need to create a sequence. Before you go to create your sequence, make sure that the Browser window is the active window in Final Cut Pro. You will then go to File, then New, then Sequence. You can also create a sequence by pressing Command + N. If you do not currently have a project open, Final Cut Pro will ask you to create a project before the sequence is created.

Once your sequence is created, you will be able to work with your clips. To select a clip, all you have to do is click on the clip name. If you would like to select a group of clips that are in order, click the first clip, then press the Shift key, and click the last clip that you wish to highlight. If you would like to select multiple clips that are not in order, just press the Command key and do not release it until you have selected all of your clips.

To rename a sequence or clip, just click the sequence or clip that you want to rename. With the name highlighted, you will be able to type in a new name. To save the new name, press the Return or Enter key. Final Cut Pro will automatically change the names of all clips associated with the one you have changed. To rearrange the order of your clips, all you have to do is click and drag the clip to its new location.

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